1. Ryan Dobran — Reagent


Reagent is an egregious, concatenated spit-take into the deep interior sky, stuffed into the future past, treading syrup in unholy, dizzying Bildungsroman couplets that drag, drift, shuffle, dip, hang, return, stop and generally prod the malice at the center of malaise. An accessory to fearful reaction, intensively superficial and disgusted by all the stories, Reagent wants to know what's in it—all of it—for you, dear reader, among the devices that circulate through the grand et cetera.

About the author

Ryan Dobran lives in Boston. He is the author of Old Business (Golias Books, 2019), among other chapbooks. He is the editor of The Collected Letters of Charles Olson and J.H. Prynne and co-editor of the forthcoming Collected Prose of J.H. Prynne.


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